Design a Multi Epitope Subunit Vaccine against hard ticks
Paper ID : 1176-IPCA4 (R1)
roohollah fattahi *
faculty of para veterinary. university of Ilam, ilam, Iran
The Importance of ticks has been recognized by their ability to transmission of different diseases to humans and animals. In other hand, they cause great economic losses to livestock with several ways. Loss of blood is a direct effect of ticks acting as potential vector for haemo-protozoa and helminth parasites. Blood sucking by large numbers of ticks causes reduction in live weight and anemia among domestic animals, while their bites also reduce the quality of hides. However, major losses caused by ticks are due to their ability to transmit protozoan, rickettsial and viral diseases of livestock, which are of great economic importance world-wide.Tick infestation is controlled mainly through the using of chemical acaricides. The development of acaricide resistance by ticks is a continuing concern. Ticks have been found to be resistant to different acaricides. Resistance may occur in one or more species in an area, while other species in the same locality remain acaricide-susceptible. Also acaricides can contaminate human and animal’s food and their environment.In this study, we have investigated the immuno-informatic characteristics of some important proteins as candidate for ticks’ vaccine from midgut and salivary glands of hard ticks including subolesin, metalloprotease, Bm86, cathepsin L and aquaporin 1. For the design of multi epitope protein vaccine. Epitopes were chosen from each mentioned protein based on scores of their antigenic properties and allergenicity. The selected epitopes from each protein were linked with GPGPG linker. Then, the different characteristic of this obtained multi-epitope protein such as Physiochemical characterization, the secondary and tertiary structures were determined. After refinement, validation and energy minimization, the immune simulation was conducted by the C-ImmSim server. Overall, our results showed that this designed multi-epitope vaccine is stable, antigenic, non-allergenic and could effectually stimulate the immune response. This obtained multi-epitope vaccine can be checked and confirm in field trials.
hard tick, vaccine, Immuno-informatics · Epitope.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)