Molecular identification of haemotropic Mycoplasma species in the blood and ectoparasites of dogs in Hamedan and Kermanshah in 2019–2021
Paper ID : 1163-IPCA4 (R1)
Kimia Beus *
Buali sina university
Haemotropic Mycoplasma (syn. Haemobartonella) are vector-borne pathogens of mammals including humans. Infection of dogs and their ticks and fleas with these bacteria, some of which are zoonotic, have been reported in different countries However, there is rare information on the epidemiology of these pathogens in dogs of Iran. We decided toidentify haemotropic Mycoplasma spp. and ectoparasites of dogs in two western provinces of Iran i.e. Hamedan and Kermanshah using molecular methods.
Between October 2019 to September 2021, totally 100 dogs in western provinces of Iran containing Hamedan (n=45) and Kermanshah (n=55) were examined for ectoparasites infestation. Ticks, fleas and also blood specimens were collected from individual animals. Anamnestic and clinical data for each animal was recorded. Ectoparasites were identified morphologically and genomic DNA was extracted from all of the collected specimens. DNAs were tested with genus-specific primers using conventional PCR.
Forty-seven out of 100 dogs (47%) were infected with haemotropic Mycoplasma in their blood. DNA of the bacteria was also detected in Ctenocephalides canis fleas collected from both positive and negetive dogs in Hamedan. However, Mycoplasma DNA was not detected in examined Rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato ticks. Nucleotide sequencing confirmed Mycoplasma haemocanis and Candidatus Mycoplasma haematoparvum in the blood and flea specimens.
The present study shows for the first time, infection of dogs of Hamedan and Kermanshah provinces with haemotropic Mycoplasma species with a considerable infection rate. Since the detected pathogens can infect humans too, application of ectoparasiticides and repellent for dogs living in these areas is advocated.
Canis familiaris, Flea and tick-borne, Haemobartonella, One Health,
Status : Abstract Accepted (Oral Presentation)