Faunistic study of the superfamily Raphignathoidea associated with oak trees in Baneh, Kurdistan province, Iran
Paper ID : 1016-IPCA4 (R4)
siamak nasrollahi *1, Mohammad Khanjani2, Shahram Mirfakhraie3
1Iranian Society of Acupuncture
2Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bu-Ali Sina, Hamadan, Iran.
3Department of Plant Protection, College of Agriculture, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran
The superfamily Raphignathoidea Kramer occurs all over the world and contains about 69 genera and over 1000 species in 12 families. Members of the superfamily Raphignathoidea are mostly predators and have an important role in controlling of the plant pests like the spider mites, eriophyid mites and scale insects in agriculture and forestry. During 2016–2019, fauna of the superfamily Raphignathoidea associated with oak trees in Baneh, Kurdistan province were studied. In this order, litter and soil samples under oak trees were collected and taken into the laboratory for processing. Mites were extracted by Berlese-Tullgren funnel and mounted directly on slides in Hoyer’s medium. In this study, in total 20 species belonging to 8 genera and 5 families were collected and identified. Among them, Molothrognathus colei (This species identified by presence of smooth spindle-shaped propodosomal shield, palptarsus as long as the length of tibial claw of the palpus, setae sce (108-118) as long as setae c2 (108-122), tarsus II with 11 setae) was collected for the first time from Iran. Also, family Raphignathidae with 7 species and families Caligonellidae and Stigmaeidae with 5 species were found frequently. The list of identified species is as follow:
Caligonellidae Grandjean: (4♀) Caligonella haddadi Bagheri, Maleki & Changizi, 2013, (3♀) Caligonella humilis (Koch, 1838); (1♀) Molothrognathus azizi Ueckermann & Khanjani, 2003, (6♀) Molothrognathus colei Swift, 1996; (42♀) Neognathus terrestris (Summers & Schlinger, 1955); Camerobiidae Southcott: (3♀) Tycherobius banehiensis Nasrollahi, Khanjani & Mirfakhraei, 2019; Cryptognathidae Oudemans: (31♀) Favognathus guilanicus Khanjani, Khanjani, Rafeian Najaf-Abadi & Seeman, 2014, (18♀) Favognathus mirazii Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2008; Raphignathidae Kramer: (4♀) Raphignathus kurdistaniensis Nasrollahi, Khanjani & Mirfakhraei, 2018, (37♀) Raphignathus hecmatanaensis Khanjani and Ueckermann, 2002, (2♀) Raphignathus giselae Meyer & Ueckermann, 1989, (2♀) Raphignathus collegiatus Atyeo, Baker & Crossley, 1961, (1♀) Raphignathus gracilis (Rack, 1962), (4♀) Raphignathus protaspus Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2003, (1♀) Raphignathus zhaoi Hu, Jing & Liang, 1995; Stigmaeidae Oudemans: (1♀) Eustigmaeus segnis (Koch, 1836), (61♀) Eustigmaeus pinnata (Kuznetsov, 1977), (24♀) Eustigmaeus setiferus Bagheri, Saber, Ueckermann, Ghorbani and Navaei-Bonab, 2011; (11♀) Ledermuelleriopsis aminiae Nazari & Khanjani, 2017, (22♀) Ledermuelleriopsis zahiri Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2002.
Eriophyid mites, predator, fauna, Tycherobius, Raphignathidae
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)