Investigating the fauna of predatory mites, superfamily Raphignathoidea in parts of the Azerbaijan provinces of Iran
Paper ID : 1012-IPCA4 (R1)
Mohammad Bagheri *, Mojtaba Mohammad Doustaresharaf
Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Maragheh, Maragheh, Iran
The mites of superfamily Raphignathoidea (suborder Prostigmata) are one of the important predatory mites and play an important role in controlling of the phytophagous mites, gall mites and small insects. In order to study the fauna of superfamily Raphignathoidea in East Azerbaijan (North) and West Azerbaijan (Southwestern) provinces, during 2016-2018, samples were taken from soil and aerial parts of trees. After preparing microscopic slides, a total number of 27 species of 12 genera belonging to Raphignathoidea were collected and identified. Among them, Stigmaeus n. sp. was a new species and can be distinguished from its related species by: eyes and postocular bodies absent; setae c1 and d1 originate on small platelets laterad central shield; suranal shield entire and seta h3 present; aggenital shields bearing three pairs of setae; genital shields with 2 pairs of setae: tarsi I-II with 13(+1ω)-8(+1ω) setation, respectively. The list of the identified mites includes the followings: Caligonellidae: Caligonella haddadi Bagheri & Maleki, (2013); C. humilis (Koch, 1838); Molothrognathus bahariensis Ueckermann & Khanjani, 2003; M. mehrnejadi Liang & Zhang, 1997; Neognathus terrestris (Summers & Schlinger, 1955); N. ueckermanni Bagheri, Doğan & Haddad (2010); Cryptognathidae: Cryptognathus lagena Kramer, 1879; Favognathus mirazii Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2008; F. orbiculatus (Livshitz, 1974); Eupalopseliidae: Eupalopsellus deformatus Fan, 2004; E. prasadi Bagheri & Khanjani, 2009; Stigmaeidae: Eustigmaeus anauniensis (Canestrini); E. ioanninensis Kapaxidi & Papadoulis, 1999; E. plumifer (Halbert); E. setiferus Bagheri, Saber, Ueckermann, Ghorbani & Navaei-Bonab, 2011; E. ueckermanni Bagheri & Beyzavi, 2013; Ledermuelleriopsis zahiri Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2002; Prostigmaeus khanjanii Bagheri & Ghorbani, 2010; Stigmaeus n. sp.; S. cariae Khanjani, Pishehvar, Mirmoayedi & Khanjani, 2012; S. elongatus Berlese, 1886; S. miandoabiensis Bagheri & Zarei, 2012; S. pilatus Kuznetzov, 1978; Storchia robusta (Berlese, 1885); S. yazdaniani Bagheri, 2011; Zetzellia pourmirzai Khanjan & Ueckermann, 2008; Z. mali (Ewing, 1917).
Taxonomy, Predatory mites, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Fauna, Iran
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)