Raphignathoid mites of Nazar-Kahrizi region (Hashtruodcounty)
Paper ID : 1006-IPCA4 (R2)
samira akbarzadeh *
plant protection,agricultur,maragheh univercity.iran
The suborder Prostigmata, with its many predatory families, is one of the most important groups among mites that involved in the control of other herbivorous mites, gall mites, and tiny insects. Therefore, identifying of this suborder including the Raphignathoidea, could be a major step in future plans for integrated pest management.The mites of this superfamily are among the most important predators of the suborder Prostigmata. These mites live in various habitats such as aerial parts of plants, weeds and soil. For this purposevarious samplings were carried out during 2018–2019 from the soil and the aerial organs of the crops, horticulture and weedsof different regions of Nazar-kahrizi section of Hashtroudcity. In this study, 22 species of 10 genera from five families were identified, some of which are considered as new reports for mite fauna of East Azarbaijanprovince . that marked with (*). Also, Stigmaeidae, with 12 species, had the highest number of collected samples.The list of collected mites is as follows:
Raphignathoidea:Stigmaeidae:StigmaeusmiandoabiensisBagheri&Zarei, 2009; S. elongatusBerlese, 1886; S. boshroyehensisKhanjani and Izadi,2010; LedermuelleriopsiszahiriKhanjani&Ueckermann, 2002;L. punicaeKhanjani, 2012; StorchiaelhamaeHassanzadeh,KhanjaniSafarAlizadeh&Mirfakhraei 2013; ZetzelliamaliEwing, 1917;Z. pourmirzaiKhanjani&Ueckermann, 2008; EustigmaeussegnisKoch,1836; E. plumiferHalbert, 1923; E. setiferusBagheri, Saber, Ueckermann, Ghorbani&Navaei, 2011; E. anauniensisCanestrini, 1889; Caligonellidae:MolothrognathusaziziUeckermann&Khanjani, 2002;M. terrulentusMeyer &Ueckermann, 1989; NeognathusterrestrisSummers &Schlinger, 1955; Cryptognathidae:FavognathusmiraziiKhanjani&Ueckermann, 2008; F. pongolensisMeyer & Ueckermann,1989; Raphignathidae:RaphignathusgracilisRack, 1962;R. hecmatanaensisKhanjani&Ueckermann, 2003; R. zhaoiHu, Jing & Ling,1995;R. ozkaniDoğan, 2006*; Camerobiidae:NeophyllobiusostovaniKhanjani& Ahmad Hoseini, 2014.
Prostigmata, predatory mites, pest management, East Azerbaijan.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)